On Repeat: Jazmine Sullivan – “Reality Show”

The return of soulful songstress, Jazmine Sullivan! I was super, super excited about her new album dropping after four long years. There were rumors of her being in a bad relationship, and she definitely cam back with a total banger! Reality Show is an emotional roller coaster for any listener, it really tells a story of love, heartache, and despair. From beginning to end Jazmine Sullivan delivers to fans music that is so relatable and so easy to listen to. In 2014 she released her single “Dumb” featuring Philly Rapper, Meek Mill, telling the boys that you must be Dumb to leave a good woman. OKAY! Reality Show includes 12 tracks that you will want to listen to over and over again! 1. Dumb (feat. meek Mill) 2. Mascara 3. Brand New 4. Silver Lining 5. #HoodLove 6. Let It Burn 7. Veins 8. Forever Don’t Last 9. Stupid Girl 10. Stanley 11. Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) 12. If You Dare According to Billboard, in the first week of the album dropping, Reality Show, debuted at No. 1 on the R&B Album chart and at No. 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart. Some of my faves from the album are definitely “Mascara” and “Let it Burn.” Always have those on reapeat! Miss Sullivan is currently on tour for the album and I’m pretty sure is coming to a city near you. I will definitely be checking her out when she comes back to DC! To stay up to date on tour dates, interviews, and appearances visit jazmine-sullivan.org and definitely head over to iTunes or Amazon to download your copy of this banger, Reality Show! And that’s what’s On Repeat!

August Alsina: Dreamy but Dangerous

Now we all know new R&B heartthrob, Mr. August Alsina is one we need to look out for. His music is great, he’s not a one hit wonder, and might I add he is goregous! But Mr. Alsina seems to have what some might call a short temper. Since August Alsina has hit the scene he has had two public incidents that have some people questioning him.

There was an alleged “beef” between Alsina and veteran R&B star, Trey Songz.

Alsina appeared on BET’s 106 & Park to promote his new album. Evidently before the interview Alsina told hosts he didn’t want to talk about the alleged beef. But 106 host, Keisha Chantè, asked anyway which seemed to piss him off. Alsina responded, “So you’re just gonna go against the grain? I just told y’all not to ask me that shit when I got up in here,” I’m sure after that it was pretty clear that he meant what he said.


Then, recently, while performing at a show in Little Rock, Arkansas a fan steals his hat while he was crowd surfing. Alsina stops the show and curses at the crowd to give him his hat back.

Watch here: http://wpgc.cbslocal.com/2014/06/02/august-alsina-cancels-show-curses-crowd-after-fan-steals-his-hat/

Apparently the hat was given to Alsina by a family member who had passed away. Which is completely understandable, the hat had sentimental value, but his approach was a little harsh. He never did get his hat back, and the show ended there.

I wish the best for August Alsina in his career! Keep the good music coming!