Get Help With your Student Loans…For Free!


As a graduate student, I am not looking forward to paying back my student loans. I mean, who really is? But it’s something we have to do. There are all types of repayment plans out there to choose from, but it can become a little overwhelming, right? Right! And we all have gotten phone calls from those companies that are promising you a low monthly payment on your student loans. I know I have, and it’s quite annoying. But have you ever really listened to what they are saying. These companies want to charge you for something you can do, by yourself or with the help of your loan servicer, for free!

You can check out this blog post I wrote on the Department of Education’s Homeroom Blog, on getting help with your loans for no fee at all. The blog post also tells you where you can go to get help if you think you’ve been suckered into paying for this help.

If you or a friend ever need help or have questions about your student loans, you best bet is to start with your student loan servicer, also known as the people you have to pay. If you don’t know you your servicer is, you can find out who your loan servicer is on Federal Student Aid’s website,

Along with information about your loan servicer, there’s a ton of resources you can use related to student loans and you can find them on

Happy repaying!