Finding My Way


In college I spent a lot of my time contemplating where I wanted to be after graduation and what kind of agency or organization I wanted to work for. So I graduated, but still really didn’t have an idea of what I wanted for myself professionally. At this point it has been a year and I am just figuring out what, I think, is right for me. It took quite a bit of effort to figure it out.

 First, I had to think about what I really liked. What could I do and be happy doing it every day for the next few years. I had to ask myself that infamous question, “What is something I love so much that I would do it for free?” (

Second, I had to figure out what it was that interests me most. This was no short list. I had things on my from music to advocacy, to fashion. I had to seriously narrow this list down to about five or six things that I could all incorporate together, to help me find a job I knew would fit  me. 

Third, I had to figure out what part of the working world did I want to be apart of. There was the federal government, the non profit sector, private sector or become an entrepreneur. There are pros and cons to all of these and who at some point does’t want to have their own business. 

After much thought, and a lengthy amount of time passed, I had seriously started to consider what my options were. I had gotten to the point where people would ask me what I wanted to do and I simply could not answer them.  This was something I knew I could not continue to do. I knew that when talking to colleagues and people who could possibly help me out in my job search, telling them “I really don’t know what I want to do” was not going to cut it. In the year since I have graduated I have learned several things about myself.

  1. I like purposeful work. When you are on the job everything is being done for a reason, but some things are just processes and systems that require similar actions over and over again. Then you have work that is being down towards to purpose, I see a lot of this type of work done in non-profits. These projects or tasks work towards events, products and collaborations; usually something with an end result that you can see, feel and ultimately be proud of.
  2. I like behind the scenes work. Projects and events that require a lot of planning and actions really get me going. I love to see the finished product of this kind of work come together for a great outcome. The panic and the rush of making sure everything is ready to go really gives me a sense of success.
  3. I like opportunities where I can continue to learn. As I have learned it takes alot to find an influencer in the workplace, especially for young professionals. I truly am a sponge, I like to meet as many people as possible while I am in any particular position. I’d like to say I know someone on every floor, all the way to the top. This gives me an opportunity to meet an array of seasoned professionals that can teach me vital things that I can carry into another job or my personal life. This opens the door for me to gain a mentor or have the opportunity to job shadow.
  4. I am excited by advocacy. If it involves children, women, education, health or creative work you immediately have my attention. Most jobs or internships I research or apply for are non profit organizations that serve a purpose in the community. These jobs also provide purposeful works (see #1, lol).

These four things helped me find my place, and realize that the non-profit industry is where I want to be. I can’t express how excited I am to start this new journey in my life and I am so excited to share it with you. 

On Repeat: Jazmine Sullivan – “Reality Show”

The return of soulful songstress, Jazmine Sullivan! I was super, super excited about her new album dropping after four long years. There were rumors of her being in a bad relationship, and she definitely cam back with a total banger! Reality Show is an emotional roller coaster for any listener, it really tells a story of love, heartache, and despair. From beginning to end Jazmine Sullivan delivers to fans music that is so relatable and so easy to listen to. In 2014 she released her single “Dumb” featuring Philly Rapper, Meek Mill, telling the boys that you must be Dumb to leave a good woman. OKAY! Reality Show includes 12 tracks that you will want to listen to over and over again! 1. Dumb (feat. meek Mill) 2. Mascara 3. Brand New 4. Silver Lining 5. #HoodLove 6. Let It Burn 7. Veins 8. Forever Don’t Last 9. Stupid Girl 10. Stanley 11. Masterpiece (Mona Lisa) 12. If You Dare According to Billboard, in the first week of the album dropping, Reality Show, debuted at No. 1 on the R&B Album chart and at No. 2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Album chart. Some of my faves from the album are definitely “Mascara” and “Let it Burn.” Always have those on reapeat! Miss Sullivan is currently on tour for the album and I’m pretty sure is coming to a city near you. I will definitely be checking her out when she comes back to DC! To stay up to date on tour dates, interviews, and appearances visit and definitely head over to iTunes or Amazon to download your copy of this banger, Reality Show! And that’s what’s On Repeat!