College Grad!

May 11th 2014, I officially became a graduate of Delaware State University! One of my goals for graduation was to have a heavy neck, meaning weighed down with stoles, and cords. I did it! Honors Cords, my sorority stole, and my divine University stole. Graduation from college is such a milestone in a young persons life and is a memory that will forever be relevant.

This post is long overdue, but it is such a good feeling to be done with college. Don’t get me wrong college was SO good to me, and I will truly miss every second of. It was hard work, it was long nights, but most importantly it was FUN! The days leading up to graduation are a blur, lol, but I had a great time celebrating with friends, and great people that I got to meet and get to know throughout my time in college. IMG_8831[1]

And now, it is all over. I graduated, and fortunately I am working full time, I have a new car, and things are really looking up for me. I am constantly doing new things, meeting new people, and going new places to better myself as a professional and as a person in general. I truly appreciate everyone that has helped me up until now, and everyone that is going to help me along the way, I am sending you an early thanks! But the journey is just beginning. Watch me work.

God is With her, she will not fall” – Psalms 46:5

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