Self Proclaimed Feminist

I am currently taking a feminism class at my University, Women, Feminism, & the Media, and I am so intrigued by how much of a feminist I actually am.

So I originally took this class as an elective for my senior year, just to fill my schedule. But when the semester started I was shocked at how interested I was in the feminist world. A lot of people when I tell them I take this course, they think it is a bra-burning, man-hater, female kumbaya class. And it is the total opposite! My instructor, is a well rounded, African American woman, woman who has literally given all the sides of feminism during the course of this class, and I love it! I also love that we have 3 males in the class, that’s always fun when we start in class discussions.


For a recent assignment we had to watch a video about second wave feminism and had to respond on how we plan to continue to live in a third wave feminist era. 

Here’s the video:

My response was: “As the semester comes to a close, I do think of myself as a feminist. I think even before the course I was always about the empowerment of women, positive images of women, and women being able to any and everyone, that anyone else can do. I think what I have learned most from the class is that feminism and being a feminist isn’t all about burning bras, protesting, and being anti-man; but simply standing for what you believe women are and what women can be. In this third wave of feminism I think that I will continue to help push for empowerment and continue to promote what i believe in. But also will try to help my generation and others learn that feminism and being empowered is more than being naked with a gun, or having to pose nude, or over embracing your sexuality. You can be empowered in a million different ways.”

So Alexis a self proclaimed feminist: Yes. Alexis a man hating bra burner: far from it!



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